Electric car charging
Charging on the go

Free2move Charge GO​

Charging away from home? Easy. GO gives you unlimited travel freedom. Connect to public charging stations (AC & DC-fast) via an extensive European partner network. Whether you’re an occasional or frequent on-the-go charging user, Free2move Charge GO keeps you charged - with smart tariffs designed for you. It’s even easier with the charging App: download and GO!​


Find out more on: free2movecharge.de​

Charging from home

Free2move Charge HOME​

Make charging from home easy, quick and stress-free with an ePro Wallbox. With enhanced charging power up to 22kW, the wallbox can be easily installed by your qualified electrician or an installation partner. Smart and connected, paired with smartphone, you can also manage your charging sessions remotely.​

Easy-to-use and accessible, find out more on: free2movecharge.de​

As easy as ABC with the App
Make charging even easier by downloading the charging App, which combines everything you need to do to charge your car into one single, convenient place. Locate charging stations from multiple networks, manage your session and pay for it too. The App also allows you to customize your ePro Wallbox at home. You can manage access and control charging sessions according to your needs.​ 
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